In her pursuit to achieve Team GB status, and ultimately World Cup and Olympic success, over the next few years of her skiing career, Georgia will need to spend significant time abroad each year.


During the winter of 2012, Georgia spent 16 weeks in Soll, Austria, training and racing with the Soll SchiClub.


She has just completed her 5th season training and competing in Austria, and is currently a member of the BSS Under 16 Development Squad.


This costs in the region of £10,000 - £15,000 per season which is totally self-funded.


Georgia will be skiing/racing/competing/travelling not only in Austria, but  France, Italy and Switzerland too, presenting you the opportunity to put your company's name in front of 000's of Skiing/Boarding enthusiasts during the season.


Whether your company is directly involved in the Snowsports market, or an associated sector, wouldn't this be fantastic opportunity for exposure of your products/services? 


Are you, or your company, whilst building your own brand awareness, able to support the future of British Skiing?


For more information on how we can promote your company, please contact:

Stephen Keys at: skeys299@btinternet.com


Tel: +44 1628 476362  or +44 7707 060224







Georgia would like to say a big 'Thank You' to those companies who currently support her.